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Plan, spend, and save together—without the stress!
One Goal makes budgeting a shared joy, not a battleground.
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A spender and a saver in a relationship using One Goal Finance

41% of Gen Z and 42% of Millennials argue about finances on a monthly basis.

Let's Fix that with One Goal Finance
Happy couple managing their finances with One Goal Finance

Harmonizing Finance and Love Under One Roof

We believe that financial compatibility doesn’t mean being identical; it means being complementary. Whether you’re a joyful spender or a thoughtful saver, we’re here to create financial harmony in your relationship.


One Goal has been an amazing tool to help us
manage our finances more effectively.

Bruce & Kathy

How it works


Uncomplicate your financial life in three simple steps.
Perfect for spenders and savers alike.


Download One Goal

Available on the web, iOS, and android. Installation is quick, setting the stage for your financial adventure.


Share With Your Partner

Create a plan together, and get aligned with how you want to spend and save.


Plan and Thrive Together

Create weekly budgets, set savings goals, and manage your finances as a united team.

The Spender
& the saver

A love (and money) story
half spending half saving

The Joyful Spender

Living for Today

For me, money helps create memories and show love and appreciation. I use One Goal’s Spending tab to know “What can I spend today?” to confidently purchase the things I care about most.

Couple giving gifts
Making Memories

Enjoys generous spending

Focusing on funds available today

Spenders prefer visuals or words over numbers and spreadsheets.

Girl holding credit card
speech bubble that says "how much can we spend?

Taken to the extreme 🚫

Causes you to live outside of your means, leading to stress surrounding money and never getting ahead in life.

Couple struggling to balance their finances and pay their bills

The Thoughtful Saver

Building for Tomorrow

I find comfort in numbers and security in saving. For me, a spreadsheet is more than cells; it's a canvas painting my future. I use One Goal's planning tab to see a vivid picture of my financial tomorrow.


Values financial security

Finding balance between spending & saving with One Goal

One Goal helps the spender and saver get in sync by transforming “yours and mine” into a united ”ours”. This creates a space where spending habits and saving goals happily coexist, merging today's pleasures with tomorrow's plans.

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No more “money fights” - ahh, peace!
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Accomplish goals together, on your time
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Build a stronger relationship
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Improve your credit score and build savings
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Our finances used to be something we stressed out about... always wondering where our money was going each month. One Goal puts control of our finances back into our hands and helps us build our financial future.

Carly & Stephen | One Goal users & happy couple 💚


Empowering your Financial Journey with Powerful Features

Create your personalized spending plan in minutes

We'll suggest spending categories; add your own. Focus your finances on what matters to both of you.

Map out your financial year as a united team

Mark dates for income, bills, and purchases. Get a shared view of your year-long account balances.

Discover your money's journey together

View your spending plan by category and percentage. Gain shared insight to prioritize your finances as a couple.

Sync your financial lives across multiple accounts

Link your accounts securely via Plaid for automatic updates from checking, savings, and credit cards.

Effortlessly allocate funds to manageable spending categories

Divide your total balance into smaller, easy-to-manage categories. Auto-funded weekly for hassle-free budgeting.

Monitor and categorize your spending in real-time

View available funds for each category and easily shuffle money between them as needed.

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As the saver in the relationship, I used to feel like I was playing bad cop when it came to spending, and I worried about what I could spend. Now I actually suggest fun outings, because we have money set aside!

Cory & Katie | One Goal users & happy couple 💚

Spenders & Savers,
Finally in Sync

Plan, spend, and save together—without the stress!
Make budgeting a shared joy, not a battleground.

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