Stick to Your Spending Plan Without Sacrificing the Sizzle

You’ve done the hard work of setting up a financial plan together, sharing your goals and dreams, being honest about your spending and saving habits, and even fessing up about the money you borrowed from your cousin Vinney. But did you remember to set aside a little cash in your spending plan for date nights? We hope so because the biggest goal of all should be the care and attention of your most important relationship.

Date nights don’t have to be extravagant. The point of dating is to spend quality time together, connecting, talking, laughing, and dreaming. Some of the most simple experiences can become the best memories. So, let’s explore some delightful date ideas that will also help keep you on track with your spending plan.

BYO (Build Your Own) Dinner Date

Good food doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Turn your date night into a culinary playground with these Build Your Own Dinner Date ideas.

(Pro Tip: If your date night is at home, try setting a few rules or boundaries to keep you focused on each other without distractions. For example, leave your phones in another room, turn the TV off, and drop the kids at Grandma’s house.)

  • Pick a theme (Italian, Mexican, or even Breakfast for Dinner), grab some affordable ingredients, and get cooking together. It's not just delicious; it's a romantic investment in teamwork and budget-friendly fun.
  • Have a food adventure. Choose a dollar amount and scour the grocery store for unique food items you’ve always wanted to try. You might end up with an eclectic plate of food, but it will probably include some laughter. And who knows? Maybe bok choy is the favorite vegetable of your future!
  • Go appetizer hopping. Head to a restaurant and order one appetizer or side dish to share, then hop to the next restaurant and repeat. Try new dishes, or order the same dish at every place. Keep score of which you enjoyed most. 

Thrift Store Treasure Hunt

Embrace your inner bargain hunters with a Thrift Store Treasure Hunt. Set a budget, head to your local thrift shop, and give each other one of the following challenges:

  • Find the quirkiest or most unique item within your spending limit. The winner chooses where to grab dessert. 
  • Pick something that perfectly represents your partner and how you feel about them. When you’re back in the car, exchange gifts and explain why you chose that item. 
  • Divide and secretly select an outlandish outfit for your partner. Purchase, exchange, visit the dressing rooms, and wear your new outfits out of the store. 

DIY Movie Night

Why spend a fortune at the cinema when you can create your own outdoor movie magic?

  • Borrow or rent a projector & screen
  • String some fairy lights
  • Stop by the store for your favorite theatre candy
  • Pop some corn
  • Snuggle under a blanket
  • Enjoy a cozy movie under the stars

Art Adventures

Unleash your inner Picassos by turning your living room into an art studio. 

  • Grab some budget-friendly art supplies and create self-portraits, or if you’re feeling brave, try the TikTok ‘Paint Your Partner’ challenge. 
  • Take a walk and gather wildflowers, fall leaves, or beautiful stones. Bring them home and create a bouquet or display. 
  • Design finance-inspired vision boards by cutting up magazines and gluing words and images to a poster board. Choose things that represent your goals and dreams for the future. When you’re finished, share. This is a fun, natural way to have a money chat and feel more connected to your combined financial trajectory. 

Bookstore Bonanza

Unleash your bibliophile and head to your local bookstore. 

  • Set a spending limit, explore the shelves, and pick out a book for each other. 
  • Choose a book to read together that also has a movie adaptation. Once you've read the book, watch the movie together and discuss which is better (hint: it’s always the book).  
  • Check your local bookstore’s events schedule for author visits and book signings. You might be able to meet a favorite author, get your book signed, collect cool free book swag, and have a great time geeking out together. 

Fitness Challenge

Get out and get moving with these fitness date challenges.

  • Dust off those hiking boots or snowshoes and find a new local trail to explore.
  • Combine romance with a bit of healthy competition. Try a one-on-one game of Pickleball, Tennis, Disc Golf, or Basketball. 
  • Hold hands and go for a sunset walk.

Candlelit Financial Forecasts

Picture this: cozy blankets, a crackling fire, hot cups of cocoa, and a money chat! If it’s been a while since you've talked about finances, don’t put it off any longer. 

  • Make it romantic with soft music, candles, and a sweet treat. Snuggle up.
  • Take the time to chat about your financial goals and dreams and even draw up a budget forecast. 
  • Be proactive by scheduling the next one. You'll be surprised how empowering financial transparency can be for your relationship.

Remember, financial planning shouldn’t stifle the joy of living. Creating a strong marriage will add purpose and excitement to your financial goals as you plan for the future together. By infusing creativity into your date nights, you can build a solid financial foundation while enjoying quality time together. So, grab your spending plan and calendar, and commit to making your love story your ultimate priority! 

Here’s to love, laughter, and financial bliss!

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